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A storm is coming . . .


The year is 2027.


The United States has changed. Little by little, over the years –out of their own selfishness, apathy, and fear –the American people have given away all of the hard-fought freedoms that had been paid for in blood as if they were worthless trinkets, and in doing so have allowed themselves to be willingly lulled into a state of total dependence.


The government that was once the benevolent servant of the people has now become its ruthless master, and in “the best interests of all”, it has relieved the “burden” of choice from the backs of all Americans. The government now makes your decisions for you –on your behalf –and you have no alternative but to accept. It is a world of thinly veiled slavery, and the time is fast approaching when the “thin veil” will no longer even be necessary.


One man alone rises from the ashes of everything that once was and is given a chance to stop what will be; to turn back the clock and restore liberty to its rightful owners. But the price in blood that must now be paid for that freedom has climbed to horrific proportions.


Journey into the nightmare of the future –one possible future –and see for yourself how easily it could happen. Freedom has never been free, but can it ever cost too much?

What So Proudly We Hailed

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