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The Journey is the Destination

It started with some flour, water, salt, & yeast.


It became a silly daydream of an idea that soon transformed itself into a serious game of “What if?”.


And all of a sudden the “Open” sign was placed in the window & the front door was unlocked for the first time.


Since starting our little bakery in Liberty, KY in 2014, we have run down a lot of rabbit holes, learned a lot of hard lessons, and baked a lot of great food.


Now located at 218 Middle Street in beautiful downtown New Bern, NC, we continue making our products the way we always have; with the best ingredients, continuous attention to detail, and an almost fanatical obsession with cleanliness.

What else do we say?  

What else is important?  

In the end, we want to do the right things for the right reasons, and we want to share those things with the people around us. That’s it. And what we have to share is food. Good food; made local, made fresh, & made with good stuff!




These days it seems just about everybody is raking up their backyard, putting it in a bag, and proclaiming how amazing their "new" granola is. The names are clever, the claims are bold, and the packaging is trendy. But then you put some in your mouth and discover that what's actually in the bag is not quite as amazing as what's on the bag.


We could tell you that Staat's Bakery granolas are not like everybody else's. We could tell you that people who don't like granola like our granola. We could tell you that it's made from scratch in small batches and isn't loaded with junk; and all of that would be true. But none of it matters if you won't eat it.


So we're going to be quiet and just let our granola do the talking for us. Taste it. We think you'll be back for more.

No Additives

No Preservatives

No Dyes

No Kidding


218 Middle Street / New Bern, NC 28560


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