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Private Investigator Dick Lassiter attempts to save the world from the nefarious machinations of Zodar the Spy Moose, a rogue Cold War relic bent on revenge, destruction, and  . . . . well, I guess that’s it. Dear Lord, isn’t that enough?


*     *     *


The Moose is Loose.


The cold war is over, the Soviet Union has collapsed, and other than terrorism, SAR’s, global warming, weapons of mass destruction, street gangs, a volatile stock market, ethnic cleansing, and those 3 punk kids down at the food court that keep hassling everybody, the world has enjoyed a decade of peace.


But now a new peril has emerged that threatens to shake the safety of the planet to its very foundation.  From behind the tattered remnants of the Iron Curtain, Zodar the Spy Moose, a long forgotten player of the fallen Marxist regime, is orchestrating his own final act, and in doing so will set into motion a chain of events so terrifying, you might well poop your shorts.


Only one man possesses the skill, cunning, and spare time to stop him, and on private investigator Dick Lassiter’s shoulders now weighs the fate of all nations.  In an epic chase spanning at least two states and one foreign country, the fate of the world will be decided as man and moose clash in the ultimate showdown between good and not quite so good.


One must fall.



Clash of the Figments

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